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Two Week Workshop

As we grow more mature in our spiritual path, the obstacles to raising our vibrations become slippery and more subtle. The more our egos think that we know, the less likely we are to truly examine ourselves. Since there is not a plan for spiritual growth, we grow in many levels and stay stagnant in others. The ability to recognize stuff in others becomes sharper and quicker. However, the ability to recognize our own stuff fades away as we bathe in helping others.

The need for a program that shows us our stuff and stops us from transferring our stuff to clients and teachers is huge. To be able to walk away from a workshop with a laundry list for future reference is like reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

What You Will Gain

The ability to see what has been driving your actions.
An intense and surprising discovery of your true capabilities.
A quantum leap in your awareness.
Insights into your core.
A revelation of your inner strength.
Empowerment which can only be realized through
    the establishment of a clear foundation.
And, most importantly ... A strong, solid foundation upon
    which your teaching, healing, and mastery can rest.

What You Will Go Through

Vows and Contracts
Hell and heaven
The full spectrum of emotions
Issues that reach the core
"Stuff" that you avoid
"Stuff" that you embrace
"Stuff" that has "stuff"
Broken agreements & commitments
Truth and Illusion
Deep cleansing

What is our "stuff"?

Our "stuff" is familiar to us. It is like an old friend or a pet that has been with us for years. We talk about it, we complain, we approach it from all sides creating bonds. It is stuff … painful, emotional, and deep. Our stuff becomes our alibi, excuse, and protagonist in our procrastination of our own personal healing as we choose to use the time to focus on others.

When we love our stuff, the way to let go of it is to expose it in such a fashion that it is not welcome back into our lives under any circumstance.

Core Flush is designed to put our stuff into the spotlight. Once out in the light, we see our stuff for what it is — no ifs, buts, or maybes. It speaks for itself, with its hooks, cords, and smells exposed for all to sense. The exposure becomes the exit door.

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