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Starr Fuentes

Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Curandera

Starr Fuentes has been working with energy and vibrations for decades. She has taught over 10,000 people. Her ability to see around and into others gives her the capacity to guide others into their Personal Mastery. Starr’s experiences studying in 13 countries and receiving 52 certifications gives her the wisdom to know what vibrations are lacking or what needs to be enhanced. Working with Starr’s frank, open, and unique energies gives you insight, motivation, and recognition of your power. To learn more about Starr and other workshops, services and retreat centers visit  www.starrfuentes.com

Art Jackson

Art is an extraordinary shaman. He is masterful in reaching deep into core issues
and moving people through their resistant "stuff."


Selena Rodriguez

Through nine years of intense study and apprenticeship with Starr, Selena is a
powerful facilitator of intense transformational processes.


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