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Sacred Chambers
© 2005 Starr Fuentes

The chambers that exist in each one of us come from a place where we gave up and gave in. as we gave in the power of the situation took over and we no longer were creating our own reality. This place is not a place in time or a room; it is a place that opens up to our giving in or giving up.

The chambers contain our old shadows and our old dreams. We do the best possible to stay out of our chambers. We treat the chambers as if they were closets that after the doors open the junk starts to fall on our head.

Even though the chambers may not contain the inner child or our shadow, they do contain a myriad of decisions, judgments and energies that we collected and still hang on to. When you look into the mirror you only see the reality of the physical things that you have created for your self. The chambers like the closets are out of sight till we open the door. As the things began to fall out we began to push them back in commenting on how we should clean out this place one of these days.

These chambers are there to hold the sacred energies that we have collected. As the sacred becomes the mundane we either use it or discard it. The energies soon become lost in the clutter. We are not willing to look for the sacred in the mess of other energies that we have created and stored in the parts of our self. So the chambers began to be places that we just open the door up and throw things in.

Just like these closets in our life, one of the only times we look at them is when we move. When we move into a new level of being we start to change the style in which we relate. Things get pulled out of the chambers so that we can use them again. After we move to a new spiritual level we begin to understand that we have to get rid of the old to have space for the new in our life so the clearing process will begin and some of the chambers will get through inspection.

Others are so sacred that only when we are in front of their door do we realize that they are there. After pausing at the door of some sacred chambers, we just turn our thoughts away. 

Clearing the Chambers

To clear the chambers we must focus on the things that we do not wish to remember in our past. So here is a list of things that we suggest that you focus on. Make sure that you have spaced and time to handle the process once it has been started.

Times you cried.
Times you were embarrassed.
Ugly things that were said to you.
Times you were hurt.
Times that you were judged unfairly.
Times you said things to hurt others.
Times you got revenge.
Times you bought people.
Times you impeded someone else progress.
Ideas that you discarded that worked for others.
Things that you stole.
Ideas that you stole.
Commitments that you broke.
Big lies.
Little Lies
Gossip you spread.
Gossip you started.

The Process

The way that you clear a chamber is by listing the contents of that chamber on a tape or a piece of paper. You do not have to be cruel to you self, just be honest. As the items start rolling out of the closet you will want to stuff them back in. rationalization and intellectualization will begin. To clear the closet you need to get the items out of there without attaching a lot of stuff to them.

Example: I Gossiped

All the excuses for gossiping about X will come to your mind. Acting like a magnet, the statement will attract everything that is attached to it. Things that you deem negative and things that you deem positive will appear in your conscious mind.

List your excuses because they also must go to clean your chamber.

She gossiped about me first.
Everybody gossips.
It doesn’t’ matter.
That was a long time ago.

If it still comes to the surface then you are not complete with the energy and it is in one of your chambers. This process can go on for several weeks. Be honest and enjoy the space in your sacred chambers.